As a Basketball coach you need a Basketball playbook, as this is where all of your Basketball plays will be. I have had many coaches in the past who would write up and photocopy their plays to share with the team so the players can learn them not just in practice but at home as well. The issue I used to see with players though was they would be confused as to how to read the plays and all of those weird lines. This is where my video's on Youtube come into play, I have over 600 plays and 100 drills on Youtube for coaches to share with their players. Also in my video's I do a voiceover explaining the Basketball plays for players and coaches to better understand what is happening in each play. On Youtube you can create your own playlist and name it anything you want, once your done you can copy the web link and share it in an email to the rest of your Basketball team. Check out the video below to learn how to create a playlist full of Basketball plays.