Do you have confidence? Many Basketball players have the necessary skills to become a good and maybe even great, but they lack confidence. As a player there is nothing worst than doubting yourself, even I have doubted myself a few times. 

No mater how much your doubting your skill when playing against a better opponent you must keep in your mind that you are the better player, everything you do is the best you can do. One major thing that goes with confidence is hard work, if you don't put in the work during practice and in games you will have others doubting you and they may project that doubt towards you. You must go 110% all the time to gain the respect of others and gain respect for yourself. 

To sum this up, to gain confidence or to gain your confidence back as a Basketball player you must work extra hard to respect yourself and earn the respect from others. You may not always know what a better move may be or what the better pass will be to make that scoring play, but you must know what you did was the best that you could do. 

Now one last thing, you cannot become too full of yourself and start talking bad about people on or off the court, this will make everyone loose all the respect they had for you as a player and as an individual. 

There have been many times that as a player myself I lost all of my confidence, why could I not play well in Burlington? Still to this day I am not 100% sure, maybe because I always felt like I have to prove myself as a player, or maybe I felt like I was the big fish coming into the little pond as I transferred from the Hamilton Basketball program into the Burlington Panthers Organization? 

Stay confident but not over confident.