Coaching Basketball Teaching Tips for Pivoting and Squaring-up to the basket. The triple threat position is very deadly, here is are some Teaching Tips:
  • Stay in a good universal stance (Basketball at waist and ready to shoot/pass/dribble.
  • When the athlete has the Basketball be sure they turn aggressively and "sweep the ball" across their body as the square-up to the basket.
  • Keep the Basketball out of the forbidden zone which is by the belly button. 
  • Ensure that the eyes are always up at and looking through or beyond their defender to find an open teammate or to attack the basket. 
  • Let your players know that the pivot is used to gain a better position on the opposing player and to protect the Basketball from the defender. 
By teaching your players how to pivot your team will have a greater chance of putting increased pressure on the opposing defence.

Remember to keep the game fun for all.