As a club coach you are faced with some very important decisions that can make or break a young Basketball player. A club coach will need a thick skin and a strong mind, you will have to know when to take players out of the game and which players to put in to win the game. Because of these game time decisions you will have parents questioning you about why their son or daughter did not play more.  

There will be players who may not look like skillful players to everyone else, however you may see potential. If your the head coach and you feel a player has potential, you need to roll with it, that player may become your best player. 

If parents are complaining to you about their child not getting enough playing time that is totally fine, explain to the parents why. I have had may parents argue with me about playing time and once it became a physical fight. If the reason is the players practice attitude then tell the parent to watch a practice and witness it themself. You cannot be afraid of parents, you are there to teach Basketball and win games!

When faced with a player who has some serious skill do not doubt yourself as a Basketball teacher. I hate hearing from coaches that they are afraid of not teaching the superior player enough. As a coach you cannot doubt your skills as a Basketball teacher and give the kid the time he deserves on the court and don't use him tor 4 minutes to grab a lead and sit him for the rest of the game.A few years ago I trained an extremely skilled young man from Burlington Ontario and as a grade 7 he could easily play against grade 9's. This young man played on a low ranked club team in Burlington and was "used" he was played during the first 2-3 minutes of the game to get the team a nice 10 point lead and then sat until midway through the second half when the opposing team finally caught up and then he would be put in for another 2-3 minutes to gain a comfortable lead, personally that is not coaching.