Coaching Basketball can be easy and hard depending on your teams win/loss record. in most cases if your team is winning there will be no complaints and everything is fine. But if you are loosing usually all hell breaks loose. Parents will stop acting like adults and turn into more of a child than their own kid. 

I am not immune to having a loosing team, lets face it, it will happen to all of us eventually if we coach for long enough. Back in my first season as head coach (I was 18) I coached a grade 8 club team in Ontario. We had an okay team, basically 5 starters and 3 solid players off the bench. 

The team was Guard strong with 8 of 12 players being guards and the starting guards were untouchable and every coach can attest to this, the PG was a short Asian who had lightning feet and hands on defence and had the ability to be a one player press break and could drive and shoot with ease. The other guard averaged 3-5 threes per game (45% through the season) with a season high 10/10 from the three against Markham. With both guards in great shape with the ability to play a full game and hardly break a sweat. (I also had 6'2 and 6'6 centers)

Just like almost every loosing team (we had a .500 record) there were parents who complained about their child's playing time. I ignored the parents as I know they were frustrated with the lack of time their kids received and I dont need some parent who knows absolutely nothing come to curse and swear at me (they still had hopes for their kid to play after that). Oh and by the way the players mentioned in this paragraph never worked hard in practice at all.

This is inevitable, eventually this will happen however here are some steps to reduce this distraction: 

Have each player sign a contract:
With a player signing a contract they are aware what is expected of them in games and practices. 
Have a parent sign a contract:
When a parent signs a contract (hopefully they read it) they are aware of team policy and have a basis of how their argument will fail to win.  

Give report cards to players:
Have some simple columns like improvement, attitude, aggressiveness, and effort
Hopefully this helps, it sure would have helped me during my first few years of coaching. If you would like more about coaching check out our coaching section.

If your wondering about the Asian mentioned above his name is Kevin To and here is his scouting page.