Coaching club Basketball is not as easy as you may think there are parents to deal with and you need to remember not everyone will like you. Everyone thinks that their son is the best and this is not always the case. Then there are also problems with if your child is on the team, some parents will think that you are favouring your son over theirs which may or may not be the case. 

Then there are young coaches who are under 25 years old who are trying to coach or trying to get into coaching so they can become a paid coach in the future. Most parents will not take you seriously (unless you have a big Basketball history). 

Usually if your a young coach you know drills, plays, ways to deal with players but may have troubles dealing with the parents as they may not take you seriously. The bonus to being a young coach is that you probably will not have a kid on the team and wont have the arguments about favouring "your" player. 

Being new to coaching Basketball and your "old" usually means you may not know many plays or drills. 

If you are a new/young coach or if your a coach who just wants to know more plays and drills there is a site that is coming online February 1st. 

Here is their Facebook Page 

This should help