The worst thing I hear coaches say in practices to their players is "don't shoot from there", "stop practicing your dribbling shoot three's" and that is just a few of the things I hear. I mostly hear this usually before practices and with young players, I was also told this as a young player by coaches and trainers too. 

Look at me as an example, I was told my whole life until college to never shoot three's (from grade 11 on in rep and AAU I was told to shoot 3's but in high school I was never looked at as a 3 point shooter mainly because I was still thought of as a center). I was 6 foot 1 in grade 8 and 180 pounds and damn did I know the post I had 4-5 good moves that were very hard to stop and I had a consistent foul shot. My height dictated that I should not learn how to dribble or shoot any farther from the high post. Before practice if I was seen shooting threes I would be in a ton of trouble and may not be able to start our next game. While on my own time I learned how to shoot three's because I knew I was not going to be a center forever. I never learned how to dribble all that well, I am still not a fancy/flashy dribbler but I get the job done.

I have always believed that we should create all around players and learning from my past I hope it teaches the coaches who read this why this is such an important task.

Between grade 10 and 11 I switched from Center to Point Guard which is a pretty drastic change in less than a year because I never grew taller than 6 foot 2. Because of how and what I learned I had enough experience to get me through the minor issues. It took me a wile to get the "no threes" out of my mind. If I was not learning these guard skills at a younger age I probably wouldn't have played Basketball from grade 11 on.

How I look at this situation when I coach, I really don't care what players do before or after practice, but while practice is on I demand that they do what is scheduled. Before games they do not take any shots that will make them or the team look weak. During practices I do not separate the positions, I teach every player the same stuff and yes my guards know how to post up and my centers can dribble the Basketball up the court.