We have all heard those rumors that working out as a child will stunt your growth, but are these rumors true? Well actually these rumors are completely false, working out will not stunt your growth! 

This untrue rumor officially started many years ago when nutrition was not looked at as an important part of a child's workout plan. Nutrition has a huge impact on a child's growth and with improper nutrition a child will not grow to his/her potential. Proper nutrition will also help a child grow muscle faster and help heal injuries faster. 

There are many studies that prove this fact, below is a link to a study:

A child does not need to lift heavy weights and put on a ton of muscle. Before a child starts lifting weights he/she should start lifting his own body weight like pushups and situps. After a few weeks of body weight training the child can start lifting weights. 

There are many benefits of lifting weights, here are just a few of the many:
  • Reduce risk of injury 
  • Child becomes stronger and better at their sport
  • Will lead to a healthy lifestyle  
Remember before starting to workout meet with a health professional (Family Doctor). You should also hire a qualified personal trainer.