Ok so your a Canadian Basketball player and you want want to play in the NCAA, so what do you do? Do you play in a Canadian high school or an American Prep school? This is a very good question because this is a question almost every good Canadian Basketball player faces. 

This is my opinion and can only be used if you are very serious about receiving an NCAA Basketball scholarship. 

Canadian High School:

Pro's:You will be staying near home with family and friends who can keep you on track. 

Con's: You will not have the same level of exposure, however some bigger schools do have one american tournament per year. You will also not have the same level of coaching, Your Canadian high school Basketball coach will most likely be a teacher who may or may not know what he or she is talking about! Yes here in Canada we DO NOT pay our coaches a salary! In the States their Prep High school coaches are paid which means they are there to make you a better player and make the school win more games. 

United States High School:

Pro's: Better Coaching, More Exposure, Better Competition, need I say more?

Con's: You will be away from your family from late August to Late June, you will only be with your family for 2 months a year for 3-4 years! Unless they come to visit for a while. 


I did not make this post to be popular, but to tell the truth, everyone is talking about how Canadian Basketball has got better! This is far from the truth, some players are just getting better training, I can use my old high school as an example. When I played for Burlington Central High School we were a .500 team and now they don't even have enough players and none of the teachers want to coach anyways! 

If you want to go far while playing in a Canadian High School you need to play for an AAU team a few mentionable teams here in Ontario would be CIA Bounce and Toronto Grass Roots. 

There are players who have gone and played in the NCAA that came from a Canadian High School but where are they now? All of the Canadian NBA players went through the American High School system. 

Just remember there is no substitute for skill! Train Hard and become the best Basketball player that you can possibly be! 

You can still make the NBA and NCAA by playing in a Canadian High School, however playing in a USA school will give you more better training.