So your playing high school Basketball and a coach, parent, trainer or friend wants to make a highlight tape of you playing in a game to post to youtube, what would you say? Yes or No?

As a trainer I have made numerous highlight tapes for the players I have coached and trained and last night I got a message from a past player. "Hey coach, i've been in contact with the head coach of the lakehead Orillia Basketball team, he wants me to come play for them this season. I asked him how he heard about me and he said he saw the video you posted on youtube of me. So I just wanted to say thanks!" 

When I read this message I was really happy for Keegan, but also that a video I created made a difference in a players life and Basketball career. 

So back to the main question can one tape make a difference for a coach to scout you out? Well this is obviously a yes and you don't even need to have a highlight tape with a giant company like ballislife. Every video you make or someone makes for you can help you in the future. 

Being recruited can be hard but every little step is a good step in the right direction. For more information check out our
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