Coaching a youth Basketball can be difficult especially when you are looking for actual plays for your team to run. For myself I look at the age of the players I am coaching to get an idea of which types of sets to use in combination of skill level as well. Basically don't go out and run lob plays for 6 year olds. 

I always run plays that start with the same set player locations, and as a coach you should go in running the same sets each year. Below is an example of age groups and plays that I would personally run:

This would be an example if I were to start coaching a team from the age of 8 years old.

8-11 years old: 5-7 box plays and no zone defence as man to man defence should be taught first.

12-14 years old: 3-5 box plays with 3 basic Triangle Basketball plays (as I like the triangle offence and run it with every team I coach). On defence I would start teaching the zone at the age as they are ready and should understand the main defensive points. 

15 years old: The 3 most successful box plays with 5 Triangle plays (by the way you dont have to use the triangle offence, I just personally like the Triangle).

16 years old: At this point you are basically just adding onto the number of plays that you are running, so for me I would have the 3 box plays and now we would be at 10 Triangle plays.

17-18 Years old: this is the age where they are in their last years of playing organized Basketball and if your lucky you will have a player or two who will be able to head to the next level. If you do have those kinds of players make sure to have them as your number one options in the offence. By doing this you need to insure that this is not just for scoring but also for passing as well, we all know that University coaches are not looking for ball hogs. 

Remember this is if your able to build a program from the bottom up, the main points to take away from this is to start with a basic offence and build into more advanced plays as they progress and understand the game.