Momentum is when one team starts to get super hyped while the other team starts to loose its winning attitude. Momentum can change caused by anything from a few back to back baskets to a dunk.

As a coach you need to know which players play best together, which plays are working, and how to keep players motivated to win the game.

After playing a great first half most players start to underestimate the other team, while the loosing team will be coming out with fire in their eyes. During half time you need to remind your players that the other team will not be coming out weak and will be coming out to win. No matter how big your lead is at half time, if you play like crap you will loose the game. 

The last thing a coach should do coming out of a great first half is to start a weak line in the second half. This also goes for a team who is loosing as a weak starting line will give the momentum to the other team. When coming out at half time you need to start your best 5 players who are playing that game. 

Leave your weaker players for the ending of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the starting of the 4th quarter this is when momentum change is not as drastic. 

If you sense there is a momentum change TAKE A TIME OUT!