Being an underrated Basketball player can be hard, especially on your confidence and self worth. Over my years as a player, coach and trainer I have seen too many players being told that they are no good by coaches and other players. It was just last year I had a player who was told that he was no good because he was unable to shoot and he was a Point Guard, and it wasn't the players saying this, it was actually his coaches talking badly about him. I was actually told that I was an idiot to pick this kid as a player on my team, but when I see talent I am never wrong and this tie was no exception. This young man ended up being my leading scorer and had a game where he scored 6 for 6 from the three point line in a single game. 

A coach should never talk badly about a player unless that player has a bad attitude that will bring down the whole team. 

One of the biggest reasons why players become that underrated player is when he/she doesn't play the position that his/her height say they should play. I have seem too many players not go anywhere because they play like a guard but should actually play in the forward spot due to their height. An example of this is Andrea Bargnani and Dirk from Dallas, however their coaches figured out how to use each of these players to get the most out of each of them. 

If you take anything out of this post I hope you take and understand that everyone who is hungry to get better and wants to play has a spot on some team and has the opportunity to go far in the sport they love.