Learning at a young age to be an all around is extremely important! Lets take myself as an example for a minute, I was 6'2 in grade 7 and was glued to the post by every coach I had which did not benefit my future Basketball aspirations as I am still 6'2 and now play as a Swing Guard (Point Guard/Shooting Guard). 

Every coach should teach their whole team every position, even if your 6 feet tall in grade 7. If you are an old school coach I want you to think of it this way. What will happen right now if your Center needs to dribble the ball up the court because the Guards and Forwards are covered and your big Center is under defensive pressure? Will your Center successfully dribble the Basketball up the court, or will he turnover the ball? 

Coaches please teach your players how to play all positions you will benefit and so will your players in the long run. 

Practice the skills that are used from other positions, practice your dribbling, shooting, passing, posting up and most important over anything is your foot speed.

If needed I suggest to hire a Professional Personal Basketball Trainer (like myself) and we can teach you whatever skills you want to learn. 

Plus there is nothing better than being able to cross up, shoot over, and post up any player.