Wow its been another year already, this past year has been great. I have trained players at all levels from grade school to Professional. 

Over the last few months I have added a ton of FREE information for coaches, trainers, parents, and players, here is a list of the amazing FREE information I have added.
  • Jump Training programs section for athletes who are interested in how they can dunk a Basketball.
  • Scholarship Information is a topic many players ask me about so I decided to post some information to help players understand how to get recruited and the rules behind getting recruited.
  • Coaching Information, many coaches over the past few years have asked me for plays so I created a plays section for coaches
At the time of this post its been almost one month from when I had ACL reconstruction surgery and everything is going well and I am looking forward to returning to Personal Basketball Training sometime in September. 

I would like to say GOOD LUCK to Samson down in the NBA D-League training camp that is coming up soon.