Attitude is a huge part of earning a Basketball scholarship, are you a good teammate? Do you put your teams success before your own personal success? This doesn't mean just passing the ball in games and giving high fives to your team. This consists of congratulating your team in games and in practices (yes I have seen university coaches come to team practices so they can see what kind of practice player you are. I have even heard of them going to watch you play at the local Basketball court, but this is only when your a top prospect). 

You need to be coachable player for coaches to want you; this means you need to be able to take criticism. Remember, coaches are there to win games and improve your skills, the coach DOES NOT hate you if he keeps telling you to fix something, this actually means he still cares about you, you actually need to worry if he stops trying to fix what you're doing as this usually means he has given up on you.

One major mistake I see players make is disrespecting other players, coaches and officials. University coaches look for respectful players who will keep the locker room a happy, fun, and rewarding place for coaches and players.