Energy drinks like Red Bull and monster are becoming more and more popular and would have been a great investment a few years ago, however this is the future and this is not an investment website, however this is a Basketball website and I have been seeing many teenage Basketball players drinking these drinks. Are these energy drinks any good for these players?

Let's first take a look at what's inside of these drinks, the 2 most potent chemicals are caffeine and sugar. Neither caffein or sugar in large quantities are any good for you at a health standpoint. Sugar is obvious because that's just empty calories. However caffein is ok at lower quantities depending on you health. To my knowledge caffein is not a banned substance but it should be because there are players who use it for stamina. You can actually take a caffein pill or energy drink before a workout session and have the energy to do a few extra reps. Overall this could make you a lot stronger over the long run, which is an unfair advantage to those who don't use caffein in that way. (I like coffee and energy drinks so don't think I am against them Because I AM NOT).

We also have to remember the nasty side effects caffein has on your body. Firstly when I was 14 I noticed that if I had a coffee before a Basketball game my heart would race amazingly fast which made me think I was having a heart attack. Well obviously I never had a heart attack but this one reason alone keeps me from having caffein before I run or play sports. I have also heard of players who have an irregular heart beat when they play sports after having a coffee or energy drink.