Most people believe that Basketball is not a contact sport, however there is contact in Basketball and this does result in injuries at times. The most common Injuries in Basketball are to do with ligaments in the ankles and knees, which could be as small as a sprain to a severe as a tear. When being faced by an injury make sure to go to your doctor or hospital and get it checked out because an injury might start as a mild strain but then escalate to a full tear. 

Ankle Injuries: 
This is the #1 injury in Basketball and every player who has ever played Basketball will have had at least 1 sprained ankle in their life time. When being faced with an ankle injury do not take your shoe off!!! I can not stress this enough, DO NOT TAKE YOUR SHOE OFF!!! this will increase swelling and will take the hospital a longer time to diagnose what is wrong. If the swelling is too much they will ask for you to come back in a few days until the swelling has gone down for them to take an x-ray. During that time you will be told to stay off your foot. Remember to ice and elevate the ankle right after the injury, you might also like to tie up your shoe tighter for there to be less swelling for the e-ray.

Knee Injuries:
Knee injuries can also be minor, however many are severe, and if you are suffering from a knee injury I have sympathy for you. I have been recovering from a torn ACL, MCl, and Meniscus for the past 2 years. I recommend visiting the hospital right away if you received a knee injury, do not waist your time at a doctors office. I have heard of many Basketball players including myself that have visited the doctors and diagnosed with a sprained knee and told to play no Basketball for 5 weeks, then strengthen the muscles for a few weeks and then play again. Then the first time returning to the Basketball court you tear a ligament. If we were to have a MRI we most likely would have seen a slight tear and would be able to have the proper treatment.