I just finished watching Jim Cramer on CNBC and he was preaching stock diversity and this got me thinking how diversity can be good for a Basketball coach and a Basketball player. 

First I will explain the Basketball coach. As a Basketball coach you need to pick a team that is diverse and deep that has upside. You need players who can play each of their positions but also the special stuff that not every player has, for example defence and rebounding. My first year coaching I was not taken seriously by my assistant because of my age, but also for some of my picks. My biggest and most controversial pick was my back up Point Guard who was unable to shoot the 3, however he was the best defender on the team and was also the quickest. I shared this story because Talal made my team very well rounded and we were a diverse team from the defensive end of the court to the offensive end with my 3 point shooters and my 6'5 grade 8 player. Also you may pick a player who has something that nobody else has (for example Talal and his defence) while unable to do some of the things that his position asks him to do like shooting the 3. But what is stopping you as a coach to teach him how to shoot the 3 because I built Talal up from a 6th man/defence only player to a starting point guard. 

Now I will talk about how a Basketball player can become diverse. To become a diverse Basketball player you must have more than one skill because lets face it, shooting will only get you so far. I am going to tell you flat out, if you're skilled at the defensive end of the court you will become the coaches favourite player, which only means one thing MORE GAME TIME! Another way to become a diverse Basketball player is being able to play more than one position. There is nothing worst than having a Center who cant dribble. If you play one position practice another one!

I personally wish I was a diverse Basketball player, but I was not. I was a 6 feet tall in grade 8 and only grew 2 inches since then, so because of my height I was Center until grade 11 which is when I needed to learn how to play as a Point Guard and this was obviously not easy. I could always shoot but dribbling was no where near a strong suit. 

I have learned my lesson and hopefully this has helped you, and I would like to say BOO YA to Jim Cramer!