Anyone who witnessed the Toronto Raptors season opener all noticed all of the terrible calls that the referees made, however did you notice how the players and coaches responded (except for that one REALLY bad call when Dwayne Casey was jumping around)? All of the players and coaches stayed calm and walked up to the referees and calmly asked how they received the foul call. We as coaches and trainers need to teach our younger players to never over react to a bad call or a controversial call. 

I have played on teams and coached teams where there was that one player who is the drama queen. There is absolutely nothing worst than a player who complains about absolutely everything from no foul calls to too many foul calls. Drama queens bring down the moral of the team dramatically (sorry for the pun).

As a coach I have had players who were drama queens and the only thing you can do is keep telling them "if they keep complaining they will be sat on the end of the bench and will never play". Warning: If you do not explain why your sitting him/her down they will become a Cancer and ruin whatever team spirit you have left. 

As a player I have caught the "Drama Bug" a few times and it actually becomes fun for a while... well... until your butt is plastered to the end of the bench. 

Lets all remember, when we have a bad ref and you swear he needs to get a new prescription for his glasses, just stay calm and know that your smarter than him and he is the one looking dumb, not you.