What is an attractive Basketball attitude? 

Every coach looks for players that can keep moral up on and off the court, and I know that every coach hates a player who bullies others and brings team moral down. The worst is a player who tries to start fights. If you are a player who does this you will receive less game time if you even receive any game time. 

An attractive attitude will show your coach that you are willing to do anything for him to win the game. To become a team leader you will need to have a positive attitude which will keep team moral high even if your loosing by 40 points. 

One thing many players don't know is that a bad attitude will also hurt your chances to receive an NCAA scholarships.  

There are coaches who believe that attitude is more important than any other attribute. This is because everything is developed from attitude. If you don't have the positive attitude that "yes you can" shoot that shot or do that exercise than you will never be able to improve.