Social media is great, you can chat with friends who you haven't seen for a while or even getting together for a pickup game of Basketball. But did you know there are negative side effects from being on social media if your not careful? 

We have all been upset or angry at some point in time no matter how good of a person you are, have you ever vented on Facebook, or Twitter? Believe it or not but potential schools looking to give you a scholarship will look at your history and this does include past tweets, Facebook posts/comments as well as Youtube chatter. This could be a make it or break it matter for many players as there are more and more issues arising on the inter web. 

As a note to athletes, think before you click the post button. If you feel like the message could be seen as a negative towards you as a person do not post. 

I remember a friend of mine back when I was in high school. He was driving in a car with a bunch of his friends and they were pulled over by the cops, the car smelled like weed so the car was searched. There was no weed found on my friend but he was still arrested and had to go through a lengthy proceeding for possession of drugs even though he never had any. He was never charged with anything but that was still on his record and all 3 scholarship offers were dropped. 

This just shows that as a potential scholarship athlete you need to tread on thin water and keep your nose clean.