I was told in a forum post yesterday that I am "not an elite trainer" and that I should close down my website and stop what I do and work a 9-5 job! I was confused by this because I was mentioned in a Canadian magazine that I was one of the top trainers in Canada. I am not sure if I actually was one of the top as they never interviewed myself or any of my clients but they did mention quite a bit about my website about how I give away a lot of free information. 

Anyways I still questioned the post about why this random on a forum thought that I was not an elite Basketball trainer. The random said that I'm not an elite because my programs don't cost $100's, I don't advertise and I don't have a professional quality about my video's. 

My question is does that really matter? As a Basketball player, coach, or parent do you really care if the video looks good? Or is the high level of content enough? Also I don't charge money for much of the stuff on my website because I don't advertise my site. I only charge money for books I take an awful long time to create. 

Oh and yes I do work a 9-5 type of job and I also run this website and company by myself. This website will never disappear even when I reach my goal of joining the Canadian Military!