My name is Allen and I am the owner and operator of this website and I would like for you to join me in this post about my goals for this website over the next year. 

This website will provide everything you will need as a Basketball player, coach, and parent. Here is a list of some of the items I will provide and why
  • Basketball Plays: I will have some basic well known plays, NBA/NCAA/FIBA, and my own Basketball playbook. 
  • Basketball Drills/Skills: Every Basketball coach will need drills and I will be posting more and more Basketball drills all the time. Some drills that I post will be also good for players as well. 
  • Basketball Terminology: This is based towards new Basketball players/coaches or anyone trying to learn about Basketball
  • Vertical Jump Training: This is the most popular part of this website, probably for the fact everyone wants to jump higher and dunk a Basketball. Jumping higher is very important as you will be able to grab more rebounds which will make your coach happy, and also jump higher when laying up the ball so you will have less chance of getting blocked. 
  • Recipes: This is not exactly new to this website, but there will be more recipes added each week, my current goal is 3 per week. Recipes are for everyone, but these will be focused on healthy stuff like protein shakes and smoothies, as well as recipes you can use at team parties 
As I am hundreds of video's behind on uploading to this website you will be noticing that I will be adding a ton of new pages everyday. I will be adding 3 cooking video's a week and 3+ Basketball video's a week. 

I you have any questions please ask in the moment section below, also if you want me to talk about anything please comment below too.