If your goal is to get an NCAA Basketball Scholarship you need to keep in mind that this is a job and needs to be approached as a job. 

Job Description:
When trying to attain a scholarship you will be attending school and achieving good grades. Next you will need to practice Basketball everyday, this includes training with Basketball specific workouts. Lastly you need to have a good attitude and personality.

You need to play at a high level, this means high school and AAU. Coaches will not look at you if you are only playing at the local rec center league (many parents and players think that this is not true, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you need to play for an AAU, high school, and/or prep school)

Job Pay:
As I was saying before this needs to be seen as a full time job as this has the ability to have full time pay. Some scholarships only cover books while full scholarships will pay for everything and can be worth between $60,000-$100,000. This opportunity can also lead to a job as a professional Basketball player.