A go too move for a Basketball player is a move that each player uses many times during a game that he knows will help him score a basket. Many players only have one go too move while very few players have more than one go too move. I have 2 go too moves myself, one is a step back jumper and the other is a low post, up and under move. As you can tell with those two moves I have confidence to score from anywhere on the court as need. 

To become known as a good Basketball player you need more than one go too move for more than one situation (basically an all around player). You also cannot use the same move every time you shoot the ball, or else you will not fool the opposing play when it counts. 

Check out my go too move HERE

The best times to use a go to move is when you have been asked to win/tie a game or when you need to stop the other teams scoring run. One tip for a go too move is to practice it many, many times because this is a move that you know you can go too and score without a worry.