Becoming a better Basketball players takes a lot of work. Not many younger players hear about what NBA players do to get ready for a Basketball game. The first thing a professional team will do is show their players game tape of what the opposing team does like team plays and player habits. The coach would then follow up with a practice on what each individual player needs to work on and sometimes if time allows a practice on how to stop opposing teams from scoring and how to score on individual teams. 

I continuously get asked by players "how can I become a better player?", well the following is my response and my take on how to become better: 

Watch: You may be asking "watch? Why and what should I watch?" Well actually watch everything, this means everything from NBA, NCAA, High school and everything in between. When watching the NBA and NCAA have your players focus on what the players are doing on and off the ball. See how the players are moving, see how the players are scoring, see the better shooters form (look up Brady Heslip and look at his form). Just have them watch everything and ask themselves WHY, HOW, and CAN I DO THAT (if not... why?). 
Older player can watch the plays, how and why a play worked. This will teach them how to notice plays in reality which will help them on both the offensive and defensive side. If my team is participating in a tournament I like to have my older players watch the teams we will play beforehand and I have each player write down the plays they see the other teams run. Once the game is over have the players discuss the plays that they seen and how they might possibly stop them with the defence that they run (for example my team runs the Unbeatable 1-4 Defence). 

Perfect Practice: I always tell my team this, practice perfectly will make your game perfect. For example, when practicing shooting use your form (the correct form... again check out Brady Heslip or go to My Shooting Video). If you just mess around you will never get better. 

School: You will never get anywhere without school and learning. Good grades will get you more scholarship opportunities as well as many other attributes you may not always see. Such things as physics as to where the Basketball is going to bounce off the rim and other information like it only takes a tenth of a second to see and process something (I read that in a book in highschool, once I learned that I was able to take a longer time to make sure my man was boxed out. My rebounding in grade 12 aau Basketball went from 6 per game the year before to 10). Learning at a young age will also open up more opportunity for your brain to make new connections which will help you learn more as an adult. (Yes I went to school as an Educational Assistant if you were wondering)