This year there are over 20 Canadians in the March Madness NCAA tournament and there are many who have a pretty big chance of winning. Some of the bigger names are Kevin Pangos (Gonzaga), Kelly Olynyk (Gonzaga), Anthony Bennet (UNLV), and Tyrone Watson/Sim Bhullar (New Mexico State). 

I will start with the bigger underdogs, New Mexico State and my friend Tyrone Watson. Nobody is expecting New Mexico State will make the finals, however this is a pretty good team and remember I like the under dog. Lets also remember that New Mexico State has Sim Bhullar who is listed at 7 Foot 6 and 300 pounds, and if utilized properly while working at 100% he could easily average a double double. Tyrone Watson is listed as 6 Foot 7 and plays like a Canadian Hockey player, Tyrone is willing to position and grab every rebound. 

UNLV is a very good team and with Anthony Bennet who is expected to go in the top 5 during the NBA Rookie Draft. Does UNLV have a chance? Yes they do, because if they didnt I wouldnt be typing about them. 

The last team I will talk about is the Gonzaga Bulldogs, this is a very good team and are ranked number 1. Kevin Pangos and Olynyk are both very good players who will make a huge impact on every game they play, and will be 1st round picks in the NBA Draft.

I would like to say good luck to all Canadians in the March Madness Tournament especially my friend Tyrone Watson