Become A Basketball Dunk King! 

Do you want to dunk like Lebron James or Blake Griffin?  
For FREE!!!

Starting summer 2013 we will be holding an 8 week vertical jump training competition. 

We are in need of high school age Basketball players who have a desire to jump higher (grade 8-11). Each of the 3 trainers will review all applications and select the top 15 players that we find perfect for this opportunity. During the 15 player tryout we will measure your vertical jump, height, and weight. Out of the 15 players each trainer will pick 2 players, we will train one day each week and you will go home with a book of exercises to do each week. Parts of each session will be recorded and posted as a weekly show on YOUTUBE. At the end of the 8 weeks we will measure your vertical jump and out of the 6 players the player who has the most increased vertical leap will win the Jump MVP and between each trainers teams, the team who has the highest vertical leap increase will win he championship.

To be eligible for the opportunity you must reside in or around the Hamilton Ontario region (you must be able to get to and around Hamilton).

When applying for this great opportunity for FREE vertical jump training remember to put as much information as you can about yourself. 

Make us pick you!

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