Protein Supplements   

After every workout you should have some protein either in a solid form like a peanut butter sandwich or in a liquid form like Chocolate Milk or a Protein Shake. I am a strong believer in Protein Shakes due to the extra nutrients that the shakes contain and the low amount of fats. 

There are many different kinds of protein powder, however I prefer the tradition Whey Protein powder like the Six Star Protein below. 

How To Take Protein Powder:

After a workout/game: 
Post workout if you are 18+ years old you should have around 25 grams of protein (pending your workout load).
Post workout if you are under 18 years old you should have 15 grams of protein (pending workout load).

Non workout day:
On a non workout day you don't need to take any protein powder, however if you like some of my Protein Shake Recipes you could make a shake for your breakfast. 

Why Should I or my Child Use Protein Powder?

Everyone who lifts wights or participates in a competitive practice. Protein is an essential nutrient for your muscles to rebuild after a workout or run. Basically your muscles tear when used and muscles don't like this, so they repair using protein so they don't tear as easily next time (this is why muscles get bigger).

 I have found that this is one of the better tasting protein on the market. I have been using this protein for the last 3 years and I will be using Six Star Vanilla protein form many more years. 

(I Like Vanilla the best) 

 One year ago a friend bought this for me and I LOVE it, I bet you will too. 

There is a metal whisk in the bottle which helps the protein powder get absorbed into the water.