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What Is Creatine? 

Creatine is naturally found in the body and stores the essential source of energy (ATP). Therefor, the more Creatine your muscles have, the more energy your muscles will have. This translates into more power and endurance for training and competition. 

Creatine Myths

  • Creatine is a steroid
  • Creatine use will make me angry
  • Creatine will give me acne
  • Creatine will put pimples on my back
  • If I take Creatine I don't need to workout  
All of these myths are not true, these Creatine myths came about as many bodybuilders who use steroids also use Creatine. All of these myths are are not associated with Creatine but in fact are side effects of steroid use. 

How Creatine Works  

When taking Creatine your muscles will absorb more water which will create more pump and will accelerate Protein synthesis. In addition your muscles will look fuller and become stronger and have more endurance. As most of the size is gained by the extra water in the muscles once you stop taking Creatine your muscles will shrink however Creatine does create real muscle when using for a long time.  

How To take Creatine 

When taking Creatine mix with juice or a protein shake. 

On A Training Day: 
  • 5 grams during breakfast  
  • 5 grams pre workout 
  • 5 grams post workout
On an Off Day 
  • 5 grams during breakfast