How To Prepare For A  Basketball Game
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Preparing for a Basketball game starts the evening before by consuming carbs and protein usually some pasta or many times in my case PIZZA (my favourite). When I woke up in the morning I would have something again with protein and some carbs (remember carbs are energy and protein repairs muscles). I usually had a peanut butter sandwich or a couple of eggs. NEVER HAVE ANY FAST FOOD BEFORE YOU HAVE A BASKETBALL GAME this is because fast food usually has more calories than you generally need and will actually slow you down during your game (ever have a food coma?). 

Next is your mindset, this means you need to get psyched up and for everyone this is different, some will think of in game situations and how they will overcome this situations while others like myself listen to really loud music. When I was younger I remember listening to some AC/DC over my headphones while once I got my own car I listened to Eminem and still the occasional AC/DC song. 

The worst thing you can do as a player is think about the last bad game you played because your mind will tell your body to keep playing like that.